What We Believe Series: What We Believe As Baptist

Week #15 What We Believe About Education

On Sunday October 8 & October 15, 2017, A.M. Service

Power Point

(Week #1)

Article 12: “Christianity is the faith of enlightenment and intelligence. In Jesus Christ, abide all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge. All sound learning is, therefore, a part of our Christian heritage. The new birth opens all human faculties and creates a thirst for knowledge. Moreover, the cause of education in the Kingdom of Christ is      co-ordinate with the causes of missions and general benevolence, and should receive along with these the liberal support of the churches. An adequate system of Christian education is necessary to a complete spiritual program for Christ’s people.”

“In Christian education there should be a proper balance between academic freedom and academic responsibility. Freedom in any orderly relationship of human life is always limited and never absolute. The freedom of a teacher in a Christian school, college, or seminary is limited by the pre-eminence of Jesus Christ, by the authoritative nature of the Scriptures and by the distinct purpose for which the school exists.”


  1. The foundation for Christian education is God’s Word.

Psalm 31:5

Isaiah 65:16

Psalm 111:10

Psalm 119:60

John 14:6

Colossians 2:3

John 14:26

2 Peter 1:21

Hebrews 4:12

2 Timothy 3:14-17



  1. The Process of Education.


  1. Personal discipleship is the responsibility of every believer.

Psalm 119:11

Colossians 3:16


  1. Christian education must start at home.

Deuteronomy 6:1-9


(Week #2)

  1. Parents must steer their children toward Godly Christian universities.


  1. Christian Education in the Local Church.


  1. The church is to focus on the Word of God.

2 Timothy 4:2


  1. Through the teaching ministry of the church.

2 Timothy 2:2


  1. Through the missions ministry.


III. The problem with the church teaching your child.

Hosea 4:6


  1. How can you put the truth about Christian education into application?


  1. Get interested in personal discipleship.


  1. Get intentional about your family’s spiritual formation.


  1. Get involved in passing God’s Truth on.


  1. Initiate it.

James 4:17