John 19:28-30

Power Point

  • It is Finished is the Greek word is “Tetelestai”.
  • Tetelestai is a very vivid and expressive word.
  • Understanding how it was used in that day will help us understand what Jesus said when He said “It is finished!”


  • It Was A Servant’s Word – Used when a task was finished!
  • It Was A Priest’s Word – Used When a sacrificial animal was examined and found worthy.
  • It Was A Farmer’s Word – Used when an animal was born that was a perfect specimen.
  • It Was An Artist’s Word – Used when an artist had applied the finishing touches to a masterpiece. It meant that nothing more could be done to make it better.
  • It Was A Merchant’s Word – Used when a merchant and a customer had haggled over a price and had reached a price that was acceptable to both. This implied that the haggling was over, the deal was struck and everyone involved had been fully satisfied.


  1. The Sacrifice was Acceptable.

John 1:29


  1. The Scriptures were Fulfilled.


  1. His Sufferings were over.

(Jesus video)


  1. The Devil was Defeated.

Hebrews 2:14

John 12:31


  1. Victory was won.


  1. Salvation was complete and available.